How does sharing to TikTok work?

To share from Combo to TikTok, you'll first need to authenticate your Combo account with your TikTok account. You can do this either from your Settings, or, when you finish editing a video.

To share a video to TikTok, you'll want to edit a video and press the share button when you're finished. Or, you can share an older video directly from your Inbox. Your video will be automatically sent to your TikTok account when it is finished rendering.

  1. When the video is sent to TikTok, a push and in-app notification you'll get a push notification on your phone from TikTok letting you know that it is uploading to TikTok.
  2. When the video is finished uploading to TikTok, you'll get another push notification letting you know it's ready. If for whatever reason the upload to TikTok fails, you'll get a notification letting you know it failed.
  3. When you tap on the notification from TikTok it will bring you to the usual TikTok publishing flow on your phone where you can add captions, trim the video, add effects, sounds, and more!

And that's pretty much it! In sum, you export your video from Combo, then when it's ready to be posted TikTok will send you a push notification.

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