Everything you need to know about subtitles

How do I add subtitles to my video with Combo?

To add subtitles to your video with Combo, just import a video into your Studio and press the Auto subtitles button on the left sidebar.

How do I edit the subtitles that I added to my video?

If there are changes you need to make to your subtitles, click on the subtitle tile in your Studio timeline and adjust it manually. You can change the length of time it appears, where on the video it appears, and more.

Why are some of the words I say not appearing?

Sometimes if there is a lot of action going on in your video, our automation tool might not hear the words you (or your friends) are saying in your video.

How accurate is the auto generation of subtitles?

Combo uses artificial intelligence to produce your subtitles, and while accurate 98% of the time – sometimes the robots are incorrect.

Is there a limit on the amount of subtitles I can add to my videos?

You can generate up to 60mins of subtitles per month for free. That’s about 60 clips worth of subtitles.

How long does it take to generate subtitles for my video?

It depends on the length of your video, but generally it should take under a minute to generate subtitles for your video.

What languages are supported for automatic subtitles?

For now, automatic subtitles are only available in English. But stay tuned, we’ll be adding more languages soon.

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